Forrest Green Cotehardie

Okay, so yesterday I was high on the gloriousness of the Gold Satin Cotehardie, and while I was prancing around, twirling, my mom asked me why I didn't make one out of that 'brown fabric in the back'. Beg Pardon? WHAT brown fabric?

So off we go to the glories of the back room and the TUBS of fabric. After a hot minute she admits to not remembering what it looked like... but oh! Here.

My response. Uh mom. This is green.

But anyway. Lol. So I pulled it out, its got a really nice feel, heavy but light at the same time. On closer view of the weave, you can see several types of green rocking out and a pale yellow somewhere in there too.

Okay, despite my love of AWESOME satins and silks and velvet, honestly I feel more like myself when I wear stuff like a peasant, or mid-range merchant would wear. I guess I'm not confident enough, but nevermined that. So I pull out my cotehardie pattern which has done me SOOOOO good, and look it over. But maybe I am sick of the scoop neck. Yeah, I've got two dresses like it... So I check it out and there is another option on the page. Its a tight drawstring neckline, and the sleeves are kinda like Tshirt sleeves, with length given via an extension. So, Yesterday between noon (naptime for my boyo) and four (An hour before I go a-workin') I did this.

 Pinned together on Ole Blue. I like to cut out the pattern, then pin it all together to get a basic view of what I'm creating.

 Sewn together, minus the sleeves before the nip-and-tuck period.

I love it. I love the shape and line of it. Its REALLY comfortable, and so very light but tightly woven material in my fav color green. I really like the T-shirt looking bit of the top. The extensions for the arms are going to make the sleeves REALLY long, to give that cool rucked-up look to the arms. (Which I get anyway, due to the SHORT arms I have been given.)

All in all its a nice peasanty dress good for autumn and spring, maybe winter with a surcoat over it or something. I'm very pleased with it. :)

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