Vintaging Me

This is me {except my hair is longer now)

I am a creature unafraid of change. My motto, ironically, is 'If you dont like something, change it'. My hair has been long, short, straight, curly, brown, red, orange, burgandy, black, blonde and green. I have several sets of glasses, each one for a specific kind of Holly. My clothing style has changed over the years too.

I began as one usually does, with the typical Mom-dressed-Princess. From that I switched to the defying-mom-by-wearing-boys-clothes. Then I wore comfort clothes, loose, easy, and hiding my weight; which my mother was constantly harping on. About five years ago I decided to begin wearing skirts; loose peasanty broomstick skirts. I found a GLUT of different kinds. There were solid colored, multi-colored, black and white, all with different lengths, swooshyness, and visual appeal. To emphasise them I wore mostly plain shirts {Or if I was lazy, a Super Hero shirt, lol)

Recently I slowly began pulling back. I would keep my work clothes on {Black stretchy pants} because I had work again the next day, why change? I would dig out and wear Mums jeans too, because thats what I wore when I wanted to blend in and feel invisible. I had no desire to dig out a flowy skirt and deal with mud and rain and wet and try and find some flats, because I went through them so fast they were hiding from me.

That began about six months ago. Now, I look at my {Rediculously full} closet and think, "I dont want all these skirts" Its been hard, to try and prepare myself for giving them up. I am very attached to them. But I am not the particular Holly anymore. I dont buy new ones and my old ones and tearing and looking dull. So its time. New Holly. And what does new Holly feel like?

Vintage Holly.

I fell in love with vintage clothes about the time I descovered a Goddess.

Dita Von Tease.

She is the epitome of elegance and style, sexiness and lady-ness. Not a word, but I dont care. She is AWESOME. And she inspires me. The new Holly will be Vintage, Retro Holly.

I guess I knew I would do this. I have some old projects of vintage style clothing I made before. Here are some pictures

So I guess I knew it would go this way. I REALLY like vintage clothing, and after my brief stint in Hancock fabrics I've come back with at least a dozen designs. So, I am revamping myself. Some patterns:

And make-up wise:

 And lastly, but not leastly, SHOES!

Oh yeah, come to momma.

So the big Purge Of Clothes I Do Not Wear will happen this week. I will also be going through my previous clothing creations and destroying those little things which cannot be saved. I will be merciful, but sometimes a quick death is best.

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