Okay, not even HALF way done with the MOCK UP. Corsett-ing is prooving to be as difficult to start as I feared, probably because I am cording my first corset.

I WANTED to bone it with steel, having bought all the proper boning for a simplicity corset design, uh... here:
I made a mock-up but put it aside last minute due to cowardice. I FINALLY got up the courage and know what? I CANT FIND THE F*#@$% PATTERN!!! Seriously! I bought, like, THREE of them and cannot find it ANYWHERE.

Well, I know myself. If I do not begina corset, I will drop it like a hot brick and move on. So I began THIS corset:

Thinking that, Cival War era was a bit (in costuming terms) before Victorian era and I can fudge it a little. It'll do for now. So I cut out my fabric, which I had fused to my strength fabric, and got some nive thick sheet left-overs for lining. I though to myself, "Hey, lets cord it. I can just run some quick cording down the thing and try it out!"

HA! Oh what a fool I am!

I have a pathological inability to sew a straight line. My machine is an older model, gotten for five bucks from Goodwill. Not exactly working with the best materials here, lemmetellya. So at first I begin, using the ideas I recieved from my research, namely, to sew down the lines and use a pulley to tug the cord through. It worked, I guess. The channels are wide though, so the string swims in its channel. Okay, I was reading another blogger, who said that they failed with that technique too, and best to just sew the damn string in. Okay. It worked, I guess. The string is tighter in there, but it makes it so the strength and fashion layer, fused, is a flat line and the lining creates a U shape around the cord, which is eating up my lining. Today I sewed a couple channels and the last one went all wonky and needs to be ripped out.


My problems come from the fact that the corset has no one straight piece. Its all connected and curvy {Because you know, Bewbs} so I have some issues. I think I can add some triangular do-dads to the top and cord AROUND them, or cord them seperately. I need to do some more research on the subject and look at historical models and such.

I am DETERMINED to finish these though, if only to say I did and see what other fresh hell they can throw at me. Not now though. Now, well, lets just say I'm not... in the mood.

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