Flower Sheet Vogue

Alrighty, today was rather successful. Last night I began to cut out this pretty dang awesome fabric I found at Goodwill.

After perusing my patterns I found an older retro pattern from vogue. There was slightly, SLIGHTLY less fabric than was needed but I managed it.

Alrighty, so back to the deal. Last night I pressed the sheet, and cut off the elastic (It was a fitted sheet) It’s a 50-50 cotton polyester blend. Then I laid it out and fiddled with the patterns for a bit, an hour or so, before I decided I could do it.

In the end I have the dress assembled, barring a bit of button sewing and hemming (I hate hemming) and all in all I give it a good 6 outta ten. The pattern wasn’t EASY like some of the simplicity things I’d done. Which is par for the course with vogue patterns or so I heard, but after a little thinking I managed it. The skirt isn’t half so fluffy as avertised, but I imagine a nice petticoat would puff it out nicely. Here are some almost finished pics.

Lastly, Bastet, ‘helping’.

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