Whats In The Closet?

Okay, so, because of work schedual and school semester ending (Which brings with it cramming and studying and terrible, terrible headaches) I am a bit lacking in the creative department. So, yesterday in a huge flux of energy I managed to get some photographicals of my fabric stash, for funsies. Then I sorted my buttons and clasps and my thread. Here we go.
Firstly, a washed out version of my favorite, my shauntag green. Its way prettier in real life, as goes for most of the fabric I took pics of. Greener too. 
 Next is my brassy gold, yet again, washed out because of the lighting.

 Brown satin Shauntag.
 My FAV blue linen look. Very bright.
 Dull gold
 Purple crepe-backed satin
 Green Crepe backed satin

Red on red striped (Destined for my Victorian Lucy Dress) 

Okay, now my sewing box: 

I try to keep a good selection of threads on hand, just in case. Most of them are cheapies I buy for mock-ups and trials, but some good pure cottons in there as well. 

Now, the before picture of my buttons and clasps: 
And After:

I like to keep a good selection on hand, just in cases. 

And Finally, a pic of my leaning stack o fabrics. The fabric ranges from two yards long to about nine, although most of the spectrum is in the two-four yard minimum. 

 And thats what I got so far. :)

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