Bustle Bitchin'

Okay. I had made MOST of my truly victorian BUSTLE! WOOT!

Bustle with skirt


Okay, so my original fabric was a curtain of pale cream, with an over design of pale pastel flowers. Then my mom reveals her winter blanket... which coincidentally has the EXACT SAME DESIGN. So she gets the curtains for actual curtains, sigh. So un-creative. BACK UP FABRIC, AWAY!!

A green and pale red floral stripe, with a weird sheen to it on certain places. Go figure. Anyway for the pattern I go another route than I usually go. I used black marker to outline the pattern piece, and add the sewing instructions, and cut it out. That way I dont pin the very expensive pattern and I can use it later! Yay!

bustle pattern uncut

Once I cut it all out I follow the directions, which were surprisingly simple and quite fun. I add the bias tape, a bit of leftover stash I got form a big bucket of notions I bought at Goodwill, and sew it down, all eager to put in the bones and see my future big ole butt.

Unfortunately I kind of sewed the bias tape to the wrong side, and then went through holy hell trying to sew straight lines.Finally I managed to sew the bias tape on the fabric, Yay!

top back-bias tape

The rest of the bustle bottom was easy, the flounce on the bottom the top seams. Then I sewed it together:

bustle, no bones

And added the Bones:

Bustle bones

And finally nipped the top together :)

Bustle Back

And, barring some hooks and eyes, the bustle base is done! Last night I got home from work and couldn't sleep so I cut out the, well, I guess I'll call it 'Ruffle overlay'. Sixteen flouces, three triangular bits. Sometime soon I'm going to sew them together and add, hopefully if I have enough, a 3/4 inch wide lace edge to it to prettify it up. Then the sheety flowered bustle will be done. :) very excited.

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