First Prelim Cotehardie

First Cotehardie
Cote Hardie Skirt

So, this is it, the (basically) finished product. Tight sleeves, with a flared from the hips to the ground, and unhemmed bottom. I paired it with two different belts to try and see what it'll look like.

 I like the round one best, aslo if this were a SCA thing I can't wear white belts because of the Paladins. Oh yeah, Scared of the paladins. Anyway, SUPER thin so I'll probably wear a long sleeved shirt underneath and my white skirt too, for warmth and to protect me modesty. :) Cuz I'm shy and dont like the thought of my knickers parading around the towns for all and sundry to see.

And then, my mom decided to put it on. Sigh...

(But hey, she looks good!)

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