Gold and Black Cloak- 7/8ths done

No pics yet, will probably slip them in during an edit.

Today I dragged my lazy self over to the cupboard, and pulled out the sewing machine. Then I lost interest and went to play with a 'Stress-free' mud mask and a shower.

Then I sighed and grumped and threaded the sewing machine in my nice black thread. And lost interest because I was putting my hair in curlers to try some other hairstyle. I'm in the middle between Long and Short and Holy Hera its annoying.

Then, while curlers were curling and hair was drying and my beloved Tobias was all asleep with his butt in the air, like he is wont to do, I collected the cloak off of Blue and finished it.

Truly in the end it really wasn't a big deal. It needed like, four straight lines of stitching and the curved neckline to the hood and BOOM. The cloak is 'together'. But MAN that was quite a procrastination for something so simple. Ugh.

To finish the last 1/8th I will need to make some strategically placed stitches to hold the floating lining down. Due to the handkerchief-like hem I can't leave it completely free hanging, else the gold and black not line up and ruin the line of the cloak. So i imagine, its sewn to the cloak by the collar (For the hood), I will pin it in the shoulders and then at the high and low points of the seam. After that a quick, but neatly done whip-stitch around the collar, as I sewed the two together shoddily and the seam line makes me upset. Lastly will be the front edges, which will need heming up and my lovely metal frogs will need be stitched down.

Then thats it.

I've been thinking, and procrastinating, about this whole ugly-beige-brown cotehardie nonsense. I used a purple marker to make the lining-up spots, assuming it would wash right out, the fabric being cotton and the marker being, well, WASHABLE. Alas, like in many things, I am wrong. Regretably, not only is it not coming out, it is also staining the surrounding areas. So I've decided the only recourse is to dye the fabric. I am goning to look for a brown, because I like the simple, homespun look, but will accept a red or purple if I can't find any.

I am hoping the next few weeks will be encourging to me, as I want to create two new pieces. One will be the cream/nude silk surcoat for the existing cotehardie, to dress it up and hide my er... assets. The second piece will be the well-touted Golden Satin Cotehardie.

I'm rather excited about that last one, but nervous as well. Hate to ruin it.

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