Okay, since NONE of the goals happened, lol, I decided to post some (mildly) older things:

Bustle ruffle-overylay:

And my son's Halloween costume. He was a little Regency Lord, while my sister rocked the Jane Austen Regency gown. It was cool.

And now we walk through memory lane, the things I have created in the last two years.

First: My sisters steampunk outfit. Well. Not really, see I only made it in her size because its easier to fit someone standing in front of you, rather then someone in your own skin. Its based on a pattern and done in like, eight yards of snakeskin like fabric. 

Nextly, the mini-dress in neon Giraffe print for same sister, modeled on the lovely Bob, who passed away quite recently.

We will miss you, Bob.

And now, I went through a vintage phase a while back, loving all those twirly knee length skirts and halters. Here are two of them, my plaid gown and BATMAN wrap dress. (Both simplicity patterns)

And for something completely different, Before begining sewing this year I actually was into reconstructive creation. Iinpired by Katwise ( http://www.katwise.com/ ) I made a couple sweater coats before finding out they weren't really my thing. Fun though, to work on. :)

First coat:
and my Snow White Coat

Okay, well thats pretty much iall I have photos of right now. I may go back and do some flashback posts on the creation of these things....or not, lol depending on how much time I have available. Lol.


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