More Pre-Thought Is Required....

Okay, so I’m kind impulsive. I was going through my bustle phase a little bit before Halloween and haunting my local Goodwill. There, on the rack next to an Elvis costume and a (HIGHLY inappropriate) child’s Jasmine costume was a wedding dress. Size ten, what caught my eye was the shimmer of the obviously synthetic fabric and the massive about of ruffles.

Hmm, thought I, these ruffles be sweet. Mayhap the dress be cheaps enough that I could justify it by ruffle alone? (Sometimes I think like a pirate. It goes with the sailing-through-goowill-looking-for-lost-treasure thing)

So I pull it out and position it nicely and wow. The underdress is completely hemmed in gorgeous five inch long lace and above that is an overdress with scalloped up bottom to show it off. With a train. The bodice and sleeves were up in these adorable yet class pin creases. For fifteen dollars.

Normally I’m smarter than this, or at least a bit more frugal. But nope. Into the cart it went. I justified it with the thought of possibly tearing it apart, but seriously?

I think we all know I just got it cause its purty. 

So in closing. I’ve got no clue what to do with this. I really don’t wanna tear it apart and canabalize the pieces. Aside from being slightly nauseating, the thought really disturbs me. I think it enough thought is put into this gown I could change it into something specatacular. Just need to think

……… ouch I think I broke something……

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