Medieval Cloak 3/4's Done

Alrighty, so this cloak was pretty much done by ear. I viewed a couple patterns and then went all willnilly with the sissors. In retrospect (and heck, even WHILE I was doing it) I knew I probly shouldn't have... But what they hey!

So the shoulders are going to be strangely fitted, and I added gussets at each side and in the back for some twirlage. Also, freak-accident-but-cool-and-keeping-it, the sides are longer than the front, and its about knee length anyway. Oh wells, I can recall seeing some medieval play with the lengths and handkerchief hems... I think....

The fabric is a Mystery Fabric Mumsy-dearest found at a consignment shop in a big ole bucket'o fabric. Fun, eh? Its either Linen or Linen look black, and the inside is a bit of dull satin gold. Again, not too terribly period but hey. I like it. It will go nicely, I think with my gold cotehardie when I make it. Maybe? Anyway, heres what I got so far.
And this is the hood, when up.

The cloak BEFORE the lining on the lovely Blue, my dressform

And lastly, the clasps: I have three of these and Im also thinking of some invisibly hook and eyes to keep it really closed.

 Now, the lining is going to be almost completely untethered to the cloak. Only at the shoulders and possibly a couple stitches in one or two places to preserve the silhouette. I'm hopeful it will look passible until I get the money to buy a billion yards of quality fabric for a real cloak, lol.

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