Begining the Vintage-acation

Alrighty, so the Vintage-ing Me post wasn't perfectly applicable on my costuming/sewing page...but really is! See, the outfits I'm gonna sew are going right here, all pretty and sewn and made of rediculous fabrics.

Might have mentioned it before, but I have a HUGE stash of fabrics.

Which began from a few long swatches I couldn't live without, then morphed about two years ago when here in Springfield some woman's mother died. She was a really good seamstress, so I heard tell, and kept quite a bit onhand. We made out like bandits (Which is horrible if you think about it. I mean, I hate and love the idea of using something from someone's tradgey) with two buckets of fabric stuffed to brim with lengths from 1/2 yard to 6 yards.

Then I worked at Hancock fabrics as it closed and got everything with more than five yards I could afford. (Hence the regretable Lime green, Neon Purple, Strange Salmon crepe backed satin, sigh. Retrospect, 20-20) After this splurge, literally, as I made no money from this job and instead just spent, lol, my mum found a smaller bin of fabric at a retail outlet.

So in the end I have an enormous pile of randomly collected fabrics, from satin and velvet to the cheesiest synthetics you can image.

Which is where I found THIS:

I dub it my Jungle Skins fabric. Its so and silky, but has some substance as well. Tragically, its only two 1/2 yards. I know, right!? So, I put it aside, to await its fate as curtaining, an apron, or lining. Then I found this particular pattern:

The simple lines and non-poufy skirt aren't really my gig, but it looks like something nice to lounge about it without having to worry about making my petticoat.  (In the works, babe) So last night, I lined it up nicely, pinned and cut it out. (Little short on fabric, so it won't be completely SELF lined. I dont really think that matters though... in the general scheme of things...)

It'll be the first outfit I make for the year, a nice little dress thingy. I'm psyched. Normally I'd whip through this sucker like nothing, because is so freakin' easy, but there are complications. See, i've developed this Yuletide infestation... yes. That's right. Family. My bro and my nephew (From a sister, not the bro) are hanging around for the christmas/newyears/holiday season.

I've got a small house, so between me, and my small family and these two its reduced the room by 1/2 and the time I have to myself by 9/10. (Can't be loud when they're sleeping, each room has at least one person in it at all times)

Purged my skirts, and looked over previous projects for some ideas. Some are salvagable, gots some hope, yay!


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