Reality Check-Careful, It Bites

Okay, this is only related to my craft as far as self-loathing and major irritation impeeds my ability to sew (and write and draw adn have intelligent conversations) So, those of you just here for the curtains and corsets, please feel free to ignore this post.

AGAIN WARNING this post is mainly about bitching about my weight and my crazyhead


Okay, I weigh about 200 lbs on a good day. Its a simple thing which my mind can rarely wrap around. I can't control my weight, insert usual excuses here.

Now, honestly, I'm cute. Adorable, really. In the proper situation with the proper set up, I can be seductive. But mostly I'm cute. (Curse of those about and under five feet, I imagine)

So, overweight and cute, for most of my life until the end of high school I wore like, baggy cargo pants, button up sort sleeved boys shirts and ignored my body. (With the typical mother's voice ringing in my ear, "Your gaining weight, you need to be thinner, why dont you try some make-up". After that I got into long broomstick skirts and peasanty blouses, going for a witchy woman, hippy-dippy kind of look. Which I rocked, of course. The skirts skimmed my bloated, fat bulges, and it worked.

Now they are annoying and have lost their appeal. Okay, so they are interesting and some are unique but have you ever tried running into class in the pouring rain dragging half a yard of sopping crush velvet off your ass?

Not fun. Seriously.

I've always been attracted to vintage retro looks. If I had more money I'd tattoo up and try out for suicide girls, lol. But no, I like the natural waist, tight top with flouncy skirt, wiggle-dress, seductively arched brow and wicked, wicked red lips. Whats not to like?

So off I went, trashing my skirts and designing a whole new idea of clothes with the fabric I had. I imagined I'd make my own wardrobe.

HA! Every piece I made is so flawed! The last one, oh dear. It nearly killed me.

I thought about giving up for a quick minute. But now, sitting here I remember all the posts from all those other bloggers that I follow so religiously. I can't expect to wear vintage fashion without proper undergarments. I cannot expect my size eighteen (LEts be honest here, shall we?) body into a size fourteen dress and expect the same results. Doesn't happen that way.

So, here we go. I am going to try to build it up again. I am gonna run out and invest in high waist-ed tummy tuck granny panties (Nobody sees my pantied butt anyway, why the heck am I wearing low riders?) I am going to try and salvage an outfit or two and bury my mistakes until I have the fortitude to try again.

And Im gonna make that peacock dress next. Okay, honestly do I think it'll look good on me? No. But hey, I will make it. and I will try again.

Worse comes to worse, SEAM RIPPER TIME

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