Lemon candy Dots

alrighty. Been a while, huh? I have been fighting the untenable mallaise that comes with feeling low about oneself. I will get passed it just need to soldier on.

Anyway, I did finish my Sew Forthrightly in time, and managed the Damned Diamond gussets under the sleeves of my green cotehardie. Its been meh here weather wise but will put in photographic evidence well, uh, lol, forthrightly.

(Before I added the sleeves)

In the mean time, here is another guesstimation I have been playing around with. I want to make some high-waist-ed skirts, because I think I look o.k in them and they add a kind of sophisticatedlyness that I, sadly, lack. So I used this pattern, which I have cut out for my Peacock dress :

-and then used the bottom half of the dress to make a wearable muslin. This way I use fabric I dont have a purpose for, might add something to my wardrobe, AND fix all the weird stuff that might pop up.

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