Hoopskirt Material Hunt


Today I found an unexpected little cash of well, cash, lol in my bank which I thought was already spent. SO I did the nessesary; gas, food, and a little Dr. Pepper. THEN I BOUGHT THIS!
100 ft of tubing for my HOOPSKIRT!

Correction. My MOMS hoop skirt. Its easier to do hers first because I can SEE the model head to toe as I create the garment.... undergarment for the first time, following the Dreamstress' advice.

Funny story. At Lowes I get immediently flagged down by a big, older gentleman worker. He sees me in spotless black pants, leather coat and the charming three year old in my cart and assumes I need help since Im all by my lonesomes in the big ole man store.

So I let him. :)

He leads me to the polytubing, which while nice is still a little... flimsy and giving to make a whole hoop skirt and more, doesn't come by-the-roll. Its by the foot, and though less than a dollar a foot, to get a hundred feet would be over my twenty dollar budget. {I'm a big roller, see?} Of course, then he asks WHY I need it.


I'm making an 18th century hoopskirt. The usual befuddled, are-you-kidding look is exchanged, with that half smile which conveys the Talking-to-a-crazy view he has suddenly arrived at. So he enlists the aid of a fiftyish year old gentleman who is sorting boxes nearby. I ask again for the by-the-roll tubing and its one aisle over. First Helpful Worker disappears and Im left with the new Helpful Worker who asks me, "What are you using it for"

I brace myself and say. "Making a civil war era hoopskirt."

"Oh" He responds "Have you decided what you're going to use to connect the circle?"

Me-dumbstruck. No awkward pause, no weird smile. He just accepts I'm using the stuff for costuming and moves on.

"No..." Im hesitant "But I was thinking something along the lines cut a cutting-and-stuffing thing."

"That might work, but it is hard plastic. What do you think of using something like this?"

A 1/2 insert coupling which holds the circle together, with ridges to insure it stays put.

He is officially, the AWESOME Lowes worker. So I bought ten, cause these babies are a whole .25 cents a piece, and made out like a slightly-derranged-but-fully-stocked bandit. With my gardening clippers I can probably get the basics together on my day off tomorrow. It was strangely quick and simple, in spite of my fears to the contrary.

Now, to work {At my real work, lol} And then to homes!

Side note, began cutting and measuring for Lobster Bustle. Came together quickly and without hassle. I used this weird glossy violet fabric I had... will download pics later and make a whole post.


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