Hindsight, 20/20

Okay, little issue. I recently began going back to scholl after a refreshing winter break. YAY! I am taking some nice classes, (plus math) and Im excited. I got my black eyeliner, my kick-ass red, red lips in several shades (from quirky, to classy to wicked) and some really cool tan heeled boots. Problem?

In a previous post I had mentioned a clensing of my closet. I got rid of all my long, 60's and 70's era skirts, the twirlies, the broomsticks, the quirkies, and just threw them out. This was to force myself to wear my new obsession, vintage. (I wouldn't wear them for fear of being ridiculed, or for fear of weraing something I have sewn which is weird and complex and strange, just like my brain)

HOWEVER this means that as of RIGHT NOW I have like, NOTHING TO WEAR. I've got my jungle skins a hairsbreadth from being done, the black and white eye-socker about 3/4s of the way and maybe one or two hidden in the closet. Other than that I have my home-and-sleep wear of varied superhero Tshirts and my moms jeans. (With some horrid khakis left over from working Retail-Im keeping them for sacrafice to my garden this spring and now they're pulling double duty)

I dont have the patterns for pencil skirts/highwaisted pants like I was imagining I had, so alls I got is a bunch of very dress 40's-10-late-60's dresses. Oh well, I gots what I gots.

SO, today I went through the Scrap Crap Bucket, a tub of 1/2 yard to three yard fabrics that have ended up at my house by fair means or foul and pulled together some pretty cool ideas for some new outfits. I have a definate three in mind that are tantalizing enough to spur me into action. I am calling this my Scrap Crap Wardrobe Redux. (Catchy, huh?)

First, comes a redo entirely. I found this dress (Regretably, did not photo it on something I dont think...) With puff sleeves, high waistline and narrow A-line skirt, it had no tag so I am assuming handmade. It was cute, really cute, but no way in HELL is it gonna fit my Super-Size American Ass. The fabric is what sets it apart

Huh? Huh? You see? Its super cool, although not more than 1-2 yards tops. So, here we go, I'm gonna add this blue linen-look fabric that I have about 3-4 yards of and make THIS dress:

Hopefully the one of the far right, with the blue being the dress and the green being the cumberbund and adding the capelet, second to left. (On the green dress) Hopefully the pattern will be cut out tonight, and pinned (Maybe even cut but Im not holding out hope for so much) and maybe sewn tomorrow? My fingers crossed that its done for wear by Tuesday, for school. Ambitious, I know, but intriguing, eh?

(In addition, I have a Lucky You Dress coming, of clover and gold and sparkly, and a red and yellow stripe/plaid Retro Vogue in the works, but one at a time, please!)

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