Okay so Ive been worrying about this damn bustle. First the pipes wouldn't bend and the tapes snapped, then they wouldn't go through the loops. FINALLY I figure out an ingenious (Obvious, but ignored by my stupidity of course) way to tie the loops, and look it over.

Obviously there is something wrong. Oh dear. What on Gods green earth did I DO? Or... not do? UGH! So I'm sitting staring at the piece, wondering wtf I'm to do with this weird thing ive created.... A quick stop on Duchess' blog has me paused.


Wow, Im about as smart as Blue right now.

The piece in which you bone, it has a gently curved side and a straight side. In my fumbling I sewed the CURVED SIDE TOGETHER AND USED THE STRAIGHT SIDE AS THE EDGE! MutherTrucker Above Us!

Well, freck. Okay, to save this item I will need to un safety pin the sides, de-bone it, unpick up the middle fake CB seam, then re-sew the REAL CB seam together, hoping beyond hope that the original channels will suffice. If not, its off to UNPICK ALL OF THEM TOO! GAH!!!!!!!!!

But actually Im a little happier, now that I KNOW what I did wrong.

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