January's Unmentionables

Okay, so January is now officially labeled.

unmentionables: Delicate way of describing panties, bras, stockings and other such femanine fripparies.

GOAL: To create these undergarments:
a lobster bustle a la Duchess:


A wonderful diagram, with perfect instructions.

TWO hoop skirts (One for myself one for my mom) a la another one of my INSPIRATIONS, The Dreamstress:


And two chemises and pantaloons from my Simplicity design pattern:

ERAS: Civil War, Victorian
CATAGORY: Underwear
DIFFICULTY: Medium: Hoop skirt and lobster bustle difficult, chemise and pantaloons easy
2 coils of polytubing
Shirting Fabric
Pattern From Simplicity

-thinking of covering the tubing with a piece of fabric to make it seem less like a part from a car.

So thats my January Goal. I am also thinking about joining the Sewing Forthrightly by The Dreamstress, for funsies. I dunno.

Need to use my thought-maker thingy....

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