Jungle Skins Retrospect

She Flies Through The Air With The Greatest Of Ease...


Okay, began with THIS pattern:

It’s a Butterick 5209, from the 1942’s. Okay, I’ll admit checking this out as I was perusing my patterns, I was not too terribly impressed with it. I prefer the later 50’s when the skirt was much, much floofier. Personal choice. I figured though, that a girl needs a few around-the-house simple frocks. So I picked it up and brought out a bit of fabric I have to the side.

I call it a Jungle Skin print and its medium thin, smooth but not too silky. I LOVE the pattern, it’s so outrageous, and even though it was ever-so-slightly not enough yardage I thought, What the hell, I can always make it shorter.

So, whilst my brother and nephew were visiting, I dragged out the pattern (which I had precut) and dug out the print and began. The cutting was not-so-fun, because of the silkiness of the fabric, but in the end I got it done.

Okay, officially from start to finish it actually took about a week or two. However, from cut to sew I spent maybe three house doing it. Why? Because I cut the be-damned thing out and let it set for days and days and days. Firstly because there were too many people in my house to start up the sewing machine, and secondly because well, honestly I forgot about it.

So, I figure out, the hoopskirt and bustle are taking too long and I haven’t posted anything recently… why not? An hour and a half of sewing later and BOOM. Its done.

Final thoughts. I like it. Its nice, in that cute, breezy way. I’m thinking of, when I do all of my UFO (Unfinished Outfits) I might add a good black edging in bias tape around the neckline and the sleeves. It would have added a nice plain addition, because the pattern is so busy.

But handwork is outta my league right now due to my inability to concentrate. Maybe sometime soon.

PICSPAM!! Woowoot!

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